Important Reasons to Hire Skillful Lawyers for SSI Cases in Fresno

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Attorney

The pursuit of disability benefits can take months, if not years, to complete. The legal process is complex and tenuous. It can be fraught with challenges that can sink your challenge in court at a moment’s notice.

Rather than try to navigate it on your own, you can hire an attorney who specializes in representing clients in your situation. You can benefit from retaining one of the lawyers for SSI cases in Fresno to represent you.

Making a Solid Argument

The entire outcome of your petition before the court will hinge on how well that you convince the judge that you are genuinely disabled and unable to work. The judge needs to see or understand that you suffer from an injury or illness that is so severe that you cannot enter or remain in the workforce in any meaningful capacity.

When you have an attorney on retainer, you can get the legal help that you need to present evidence that backs up your claim of being severely injured or ill. Your lawyer can also argue why you cannot work and thus need access to these funds to sustain yourself each month.

Your attorney can also handle any appeals that you want to pursue if or when your first petition is denied. You can find out more about retaining lawyers for SSI cases in Fresno online. Contact Peña & Bromberg, PLC by going to their website for a consultation today.

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