What Can a New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Do?

It is common for personal injuries to occur during the day. You may slip and fall to the floor. However, many of these mishaps are so small that no medical attention is needed. Imagine if you had a slip and fall so severe that you ended up hitting your head and getting a concussion. Now, imagine if someone else is responsible for your fall. Worse of all, the person refuses to pay for your medical bills because he or she does not take the blame. As you can see, personal injuries cause serious emotional and physical harm. You need a qualified New Orleans personal injury attorney to help you through this situation.

Interprets the Law on Your Behalf

An attorney knows details about the law that you do not know. He has exceptional persuasion and public speaking skills that he uses for your benefit. He makes sure you receive a fair amount of compensation from the responsible party. A good New Orleans personal injury attorney can take on the insurance company, too, if that is necessary.

The laws involving personal injury are not black and white. Also, the laws are different in every state in the U.S. If you live in New Orleans, the laws differ from those found in New York. If you want a personal injury attorney, look for one with the proven experience to handle your specific case.

Proves the Negligence of Someone Else

The first step to establish a case is to prove negligence. You and your lawyer must collect enough information to prove that someone else caused your injury. He has to decide whether the negligent act was caused directly or indirectly.

A direct cause is easy to prove because it is so obvious. If a drunk driver runs a red light and hits your car, that driver is the negligent one. This negligence is shown in the surveillance video that recorded the crash.

An indirect cause is trickier because one or more people could be responsible. If you slip and fall on the floor of a beauty parlor, you may end up suing multiple people. You could sue the parlor owner, the manager on duty that day or the manicurist who did not mop the floor properly. The only person you most likely cannot sue is the construction worker who laid down the floor. Only a personal injury attorney sorts through the evidence and figures out how is at fault.

A personal injury is devastating, and the last thing you need is a guilty party who denies blame. Worse yet, that person could blame the entire accident on you. Then, you have to visit the hospital and receive a huge bill in the mail. You can fight for your rights by enlisting the help of the qualified attorney Edward J. Womac.

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