What to Expect with Divorce Lawyers in Sycamore, IL

When it is time to file for a divorce, many people become nervous. You may not know what to expect when you first visit a lawyer. Most lawyers are great at walking you through the process. When you feel it is necessary to separate from your spouse, you need to file for divorce to get the process started. From here, a lawyer can help you continue through mediation and court.


The first thing that you do is visit an office with reputable divorce lawyers. They can assign you a lawyer and get you started on the paperwork for filing. Once the paperwork is filled out, it is verified by the lawyer and served to the other party. Usually one spouse files. At times a couple may make a mutual decision and file together. Divorce lawyers in Sycamore, IL can help you through this difficult first step. Once the papers are signed by both parties, the dates for temporary orders and mediation are set.

The Next Steps

Divorce lawyers accompany you to every event that follows the initial filing. There is usually a short meeting at the courthouse to set temporary orders. This is especially important when children are involved, as it determines where they stay during the divorce proceedings. Mediation is the first attempt to get the spouses to agree on things like custody, visitation, and property. Court is the final step to finalize orders and have the judge make any leftover decisions. Cosentino Law Firm, LLC can help walk you through these steps.

You can start the process of divorce by meeting with a lawyer for a consultation. The process is much easier to handle when you have someone to explain the process to you. Lawyers understand the different complications that can happen during these proceedings. You can feel secure with the knowledge that they provide. Click here for more details.

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