What to Know About Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer in Olympia, WA

An auto accident can cause pain, discomfort, and significant expenses. When someone is injured, they may need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Olympia WA to help them get the compensation they deserve. In this guide, readers can learn several important facts about auto accident attorneys.

The Initial Consultation is Typically Free

Many auto accident victims don’t hire lawyers because of worries about high fees. Although the cost can vary, most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. During this meeting, the lawyer will determine whether the case is valid, and the client can get a feel for the attorney’s personality and skill level.

No Retainer is Necessary

Auto accident lawyers usually charge on a contingency fee basis, which means they take a portion of the settlement if the case is successful. The fee is typically 33%, and it’s set when the client decides to hire the lawyer.

Other Costs

If the accident case involves other expenses or the lawyer has to hire professionals to help build the case, the client must pay a portion of these additional expenses along with the attorney’s fees.

Honest Attorneys Don’t Guarantee Results

Regardless of how solid a case may be, an attorney can’t guarantee a specific outcome. An ethical lawyer won’t make promises, and he or she won’t guarantee a settlement of a certain size.

It’s Important to Hire a Lawyer Who Focuses on Auto Accidents

Every attorney has areas on which they focus. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Olympia WA has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle these cases, and they have experience with the local court system as well. With this local knowledge, an attorney can help clients avoid making damaging and costly mistakes during the litigation process.

An Attorney is There to Represent Clients and Act on Their Behalf

Lawsuits typically include witnesses, depositions, subpoenas, and court processes. An accident lawyer is familiar with these procedures, and he or she can talk on a client’s behalf in many situations. Lawyers are great at separating truth from fiction, and they also know what to expect from medical professionals, judges, juries, and others. Find more information on the website or call today to set up a consultation.

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